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Jackhammer Integration


The Xanitizer integration into the open source security collaboration tool Jackhammer is part of the Jackhammer tool itself, which is available via GitHub. The integration does not run a security analysis by itself - it just starts a Xanitizer security analysis and integrates the results of an XML report created by Xanitizer into the Jackhammer dashboard.


≥ 1.2≥ 3.1

Download and Installation

Details on the download and installation can be found at GitHub and in the external Quick Start/Installation Guide.

Run a Xanitizer and Integrate the Results into Jackhammer

Details on how to run Xanitizer and integrate the results into Jackhammer can be found in the external Users Guide.


A demo of Jackhammer is available via https://jch.olacabs.com/. Please use de following default credentials:

  • username: admin@admin.com
  • password: admin@admin.com