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Issues detected by Xanitizer can be easily exported into Atlassian's Jira as an issue task to track each piece of work that needs to pass through the workflow steps to fix it.


≥ 5.1≥ 4.3



Download and Installation

The Jira export is part of the Xanitizer installation itself and no further download is necessary.

Configure the Connection to the Jira Server

Inside Xanitizer, the connection to the Jira server has to be configured by

  1. Invoking the main menu entry “Settings > Jira Settings...”.
  2. In the upcoming dialog you have to configure the URL to the server and provide credentials of a user that is allowed to create issues. It is advised to create a special Xanitizer user for this.
  3. If the server is only available behind a proxy, you also have to specify the proxy server settings by pressing the button “Proxy Settings... and enabling the option “Use Proxy Server”.
    SonarQube Xanitizer rules

Export Findings

To export issues invoke the context menu entry “Export to Jira” on one or more findings in the Findings view. This will open a dialog were you can select the desired project, the issue type and can optionally enter a summary and a description.
SonarQube Xanitizer rules